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Life Care Planning? Let Us Help.

A Life Care Plan is developed for those individuals who have sustained a significant injury or illness.

In the process of developing the Plan, a comprehensive assessment of the persons remaining functional abilities and disabilities is made.

Based on that information the planner can formulate what activities are necessary for self care and other major responsibilities (child care, employment). Can he/she still perform those activities independently. Then we determine what tasks he/she can perform with adaptive equipment (wheelchair, reacher, medication, etc.)

Barrier Assessment

This is sometimes referred to as “Barrier Assessment”. This involves identifying structural barriers, such a stairs, that prevent a disabled person from entering a building or part of the building.  This is often remedied by a ramp or an elevator.

Access to public transportation is increasingly important.  Many trains and busses are now equipped with ramps or lifts to allow a wheelchair to enter and exit the vehicle.  This in turn gives disabled individuals access many goods, services or jobs that were previously unavailable to them.


Functional Capacity Evaluations

In order for us to assess function, ideally we would like an instrument that can reliably measure the functional physical ability of a person to perform a work-related series of tasks. Terms used to judge reliability include intra-rater reliability, test-retest reliability, and inter-rater reliability.

The function of an individual is definitely not something that has a universal “gold standard.” Construct or convergent validity implies that the test is well correlated with a theoretical expectation, something researchers should be able to elucidate.


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Frequently Asked:

When is barrier assessment indicated?

Any time a new business opens, there should be an assessment of accessibility for  the disabled population. That way changes can be made before complaints begin.

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